Using up your scraps to make cards

For these cards I used the scraps from all of the bookmarks that I made for my friend Joey.


They are really simple designs and are all very similar. I think they would work really well in a set together if you like giving friends sets of cards.


These are the kind of designs that you want to use over and over. It is a really easy way to make a lot of cards fast.


Small little adjustments in the design give each card a different feel all while still being a part of the same set.


Another great thing is that you could really use any sentiment you wanted in these designs.


These designs are perfect for using up all of your scraps. I know I have a big bin full of scraps which I should really use more often.


I will probably be making a few more of these later with my scrap bin and a "Thank You" die. I could really use some more thank you cards in my stash!

Check out the video below to see how these cards were made: