Original Artwork - Corgi Watercolor Card

For today's card I decided to use some original artwork.


First I sketched out a drawing of a little corgi. Then I scanned my sketch into the computer to fix up the line work. Once I had was happy with the drawing I printed it out onto some printer paper. I used this print to do a graphite transfer technique.


I taped a piece of Canson watercolor paper to a board. Next I took the print of the corgi and scribbled all over the back of it with a graphite pencil. Then I taped the drawing over the watercolor paper with the scribble side down, drawing side up. I used the pencil to trace over the lines of the drawing and the pressure of the pencil transfers the scribbled graphite onto the watercolor paper.


Once I had all the line work transferred I had some nice guide lines for my painting. I used color number 44, 33, 46, and 47 for the body of the corgi. I started out light with the paint and then slowly added darker colors to deepen the shadows. I also used color number 20 for the shading on the white fur. The pink in the ears and mouth was done with color number 34. The background color is number 62. I have a color chart for the Gansai Tambi set on my downloads page. Check out the video for more details on the painting process.


Once I had the painting done I created my sentiment. I die cut a chat bubble out of some black cardstock. I heat embossed a "happy birthday" sentiment on the chat bubble with some white embossing powder. I used a white gel pen and went around the border of the chat bubble with some dashed lines. I kept the card pretty simple because I wanted the watercoloring to really stand out.